Application Test Design Patterns

Application Scope Testing Patterns

Extended Use Case Test Pattern

Intent: Develop an application system test suite by modeling essential capabilities as extended use cases.

Context: Extended Use Case test applies when most, if not all, of the essential requirements for the System Under Test can be expressed as use cases. Use cases are not always the model of choice for essential system scope capabilities. For example, consider a complex simulation that runs for weeks on a supercomputer. The setup and inquiry for a simulation run could be modeled with use cases. However, these use cases could only hint at the alogorithms used to compute and render the results with animated, high resolution graphics.
it is possible to develop test cases by imagining specific instances for a use case and corresponding expecte results..... More information:
Bob Binder - Testing Object-oriented Systems: Models, Patterns, and Tools 

Model Driven Test Pattern

source:  Alan Hartman -