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Rabbit in the Wall 
Friday, March 28, 2008, 03:37 PM - Fun
Posted by Rob Kuijt
Hello World! This is my first Entry ever!
I am Rob Kuijt , I like developing software and I enjoy testing it as well.

In this blog I will share my experiences and ideas with everyone who is interested.

A little background: I started in the early 80's as a Fortran-Developer in one of the Academic Hospitals in the Netherlands. After a career as Designer and Project leader, I started as a Functional Auditor at Software Control Nederland BV (later part of Sogeti). In the early 90's I participated in the development of TMap® (Test Management Approach of Sogeti).

Within Sogeti I am specialized in the area of Development tests (I've written a chapter about it in TMap® Next) and Managed Testing Services.
Later maybe more...

Tomorrow I will introduce you to a big enemy of quality: the Wall between Developers and Generalist Testers.
But first...Do you like my Wall-heading? Look for the hidden Rabbit...

Hint: Magic Eye
(I found it at
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