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I'm Living in 2 Worlds 
Saturday, March 29, 2008, 04:03 PM - Testing
Posted by Rob Kuijt
I'm living in 2 Worlds.

In one world I'm working with Developers, trying to let them build software at a quality level the application user wants.
In the other world, at the other side of a "Wall", I am coaching Generalist Testers to do their job as good and efficient as possible.
Yes, my two worlds are separated by a fictitious Wall.
The Challenge: Developers and Generalist Testers, each at one side of the wall, don't make efforts to understand or help each other.

....don't make efforts to understand or help each other

D-world perceptions
In the D-world, the world of the Developers, we think Generalist Testers are pencil-pushing, nit-picky quality geeks. Mostly they are beside the point and are easily replaced. They seems to like making much noise about little defects, as if we made those errors deliberately....

T-world perceptions
In the T-world we don't hate the Developers for their perceptions. We are disappointed about the poor quality of the software.
Bad assumptions on the part of Developers are more to blame for the problems than are software weaknesses.
We never(or seldom) get software what will work right the first time. No, in the T-world we think that developers forget for whom they are building software, it looks like they are building for themselves......On the other hand we, Generalist Testers, realize that the Developers seldom get the time to do it right, but always get the time to do it over....But why are some errors made over and over and over again?

The Walls between Developers and Testers do exist for many years now. And probably there are good reasons to go on like this..... but in my opinion there are more reasons for tearing down those Walls.
With the growing complexity of our IT-world....The most important one:

I like living in 2 Worlds, but I love it when Developers and Testers collaborate.
I've taken the Challenge!!!

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