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      • What's In the Box?
        Today I read a nice : "What's In the Box?" by Mary Altman.
        This article, about speculative fiction, started with a recognizable explanation of the term "black-box theory":
        "The term is typically used to describe a device of which we know or care very littl

      • Test cases generated from Activity Diagrams part II
        In a , I showed a simple example of a Rosario Activity Diagram . After the post I got some requests for a better example....
        so today I made a more complex Activity Diagram (click on figure 1 to see it bigger).

        Figure 1 More complex Activity Diagram (Thanx Angelina!)
      • Test cases directly generated from Activity Diagrams!
        I don't like manual work. Especially when I think it can be automated!
        Last weekend I had a cool breakthrough in my effort to make the work of General Testers less boring!
        I succeeded in creating directly out of the XML file of an , I created in the Rosario April CTP (Activity Diagr

      • Testing in the Lifecycle [ALM]... a focus on test coverage
        When looking at Testing and more specific Test coverage in the Lifecycle [ALM] you can conclude that much effort is done to test as good as possible, but nobody can tell you what Test coverage is achieved in the successive stages of the ALM.

        Work must be done in the thinking and communic

      • How Popular is Your Blog?
        How Popular is Your Blog?

        Popularity of Blogs can be derived from the number of times someone reads an article. Another way to measure your popularity is to count the number of times somebody made an url-link to your blog. You can measure your score with the "link:"-feature of

      • Nobody Wants to Deliver Crap!

        Nobody Wants to Deliver Crap!
        In the nearly 30 years I am working in the ICT world, I've seldom met someone who deliberately made errors to annoy his contractor, manager or whoever…. Everybody I met, made his or her best effort to do their job as good as possible!

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