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  • 2010
    • June
      • Model Based Testing (part 1)
        Model Based Testing is a powerful concept for testing information systems, from which, despite the increasing complexity, more quality and flexibility is expected. It is a methodology that fits well with companies with experience in structured design and testing. Model Based Testing will also adobe

    • January
      • History of Test Automation
        Test Automation is the use of software to control the execution of tests, the comparison of actual outcomes to predicted outcomes, the setting up of test preconditions, test design, and other test control and test reporting functions. Commonly, test automation involves automating a manual process a

  • 2009
    • December
      • Test Case Design: Manually or Automated?
        There are several tools that can help with the creation of test cases. So why don't we succeed in automating the Test Cases Design Process? In this short article I will explain that, if test collaborates with design, we can make huge progress on this topic!

        4 Examples of Test Case

    • October
      • ALM and MBT
        Both ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) and MBT (Model Based Testing) are hot. I'm pretty busy running from customer to customer starting/supporting MBT proof of concepts and assignments. With some explanation all my contacts are convinced that the combination of ALM and MBT is THE roadmap

      • ALM: the end of the whispering game
        Who don't know the whispering game? For me it was one of my favourite games in my childhood. Whispering a tricky word in the ear of the child next to you and waiting for the twisted result at the end of the cycle....

        Nowadays not only children do play this game. In the ICT world pr

    • June
      • Model-Based Testing is not "Only Fun" anymore....
        For several years now, Model-Based Testing is mainly used within the (technical) development processes. In the Black Box testing community it was still "just a theory", and in my case: fun to play with. Today is different! I'm completely into Model-Based Testing nowadays. MBT turne

    • April
      • Visual Studio Team System 2010 - Episode 4: Quality Check
        In this episode I will discuss the different practices around the Quality Check in order to do this important check for ALM as efficient and effective as possible.

        Previous episodes:

        In the last episode talked about the support VSTS2010 will give on the collaboratio

    • February
      • Visual Studio Team System 2010 – Episode 2: No Risk No Test
        In episode 1, introduced the focus of Visual Studio Team System 2010 on the collaborative effort between the tester and the other roles in the application lifecycle. In this second episode I will start with a short introduction on testing.

        Testing is not an aim in itself! Testing is

    • January
      • Testing or Documenting?
        How sure is a company about the quality of their Calculation Component(s)? Are they bug free? Even after, for instance, nine changes? Testing changed components is tricky, because you never get the time to test a Calculation Component with lots of values, because most of the testing is still done m

  • 2008
    • November
      • Does Scrooge exist?
        Fiction or reality? On a, further nice, kind of conference meeting, I did met Ebenezer Scrooge!
        I didn't know that such Scrooge-type testers do exist!

        Scrooge was fully focused on finding bugs, and if I say fully, I mean FULLY !
        Scrooge was completely f

      • Nice to meet you Rob uh...
        Kuijt is a nice name. But it's quite difficult to pronounce (for non-Dutch speakers).

        I've heard my name Kuijt as either "Kaut", "Kout", "Coyt", "Kite" or "Kooit"..... None of them is the correct pronunciation.... but don’t

    • October
      • We can test Verbal Diarrhea!
        We, professional testers, are proud that we can create good test cases from bad requirements.....That's a great achievement.......We can save projects much time by starting with the test process at an early stage in the life cycle........Or not? Who are we doing a favor?

        Believe it

    • July
      • [ALM] & Business Continuity
        Application Lifecycle Management [ALM] should ensure that an organization experiences an improved "business as usual" in the event of the implementation of new and/or changed functionality. Other (older) industries can give assurance, so the ICT industry should follow (soon?). This ar

      • Where are the Test Design Patterns?
        Triggered by the article "Common Test Patterns and Reuse of Test Designs" on the MSDN Test Center, I realized that we are very good in reinventing wheels!
        Last week I explained two different test teams the same solution for a test problem without referring to a Test Design Pattern

    • June
      • Finding bugs AEAP (As Early As Possibly)
        Analyzing and fixing a bug is, without doubt, a loss of time. And the later the bug is found, the greater are the losses. Finding bugs AEAP (As Early As Possibly) becomes more and more important, especially in the complex systems we make nowadays. So, let's join the knowledge of the Developer,

    • May
      • The Interface with Camano is working! What's next?
        We (the Sogeti Rosario TAP team) managed to generate test cases directly from Rosario Activity Diagrams and automatically wrote them into Camano!

        In previous articles I already wrote about the generating part of this coupling (see Generating Test Cases and ).
        My wish to write

      • On-the-fly testing with Camano
        Generalist Testers (Manual Testers) do like on-the-fly testing! It feels good to be creative and impulsive!! Let's react on the behavior of the system!........... Maybe it's not as efficient and/or effective as structured testing, but it is fun!

        ... what about "Non Reprodu

    • April
      • What's In the Box?
        Today I read a nice : "What's In the Box?" by Mary Altman.
        This article, about speculative fiction, started with a recognizable explanation of the term "black-box theory":
        "The term is typically used to describe a device of which we know or care very littl

      • Test cases generated from Activity Diagrams part II
        In a , I showed a simple example of a Rosario Activity Diagram . After the post I got some requests for a better example....
        so today I made a more complex Activity Diagram (click on figure 1 to see it bigger).

        Figure 1 More complex Activity Diagram (Thanx Angelina!)
      • Test cases directly generated from Activity Diagrams!
        I don't like manual work. Especially when I think it can be automated!
        Last weekend I had a cool breakthrough in my effort to make the work of General Testers less boring!
        I succeeded in creating directly out of the XML file of an , I created in the Rosario April CTP (Activity Diagr

      • Testing in the Lifecycle [ALM]... a focus on test coverage
        When looking at Testing and more specific Test coverage in the Lifecycle [ALM] you can conclude that much effort is done to test as good as possible, but nobody can tell you what Test coverage is achieved in the successive stages of the ALM.

        Work must be done in the thinking and communic

      • How Popular is Your Blog?
        How Popular is Your Blog?

        Popularity of Blogs can be derived from the number of times someone reads an article. Another way to measure your popularity is to count the number of times somebody made an url-link to your blog. You can measure your score with the "link:"-feature of

      • Nobody Wants to Deliver Crap!

        Nobody Wants to Deliver Crap!
        In the nearly 30 years I am working in the ICT world, I've seldom met someone who deliberately made errors to annoy his contractor, manager or whoever…. Everybody I met, made his or her best effort to do their job as good as possible!

    • March
      • I'm Living in 2 Worlds
        I'm living in 2 Worlds.

        In one world I'm working with Developers, trying to let them build software at a quality level the application user wants.
        In the other world, at the other side of a "Wall", I am coaching Generalist Testers to do their job as good and eff

      • Rabbit in the Wall
        Hello World! This is my first Entry ever!
        I am , I like developing software and I enjoy testing it as well.

        In this blog I will share my experiences and ideas with everyone who is interested.

        A little background: I started in the early 80's as a Fortran-Developer in